Do you know where your vegetables come from or how they are grown? Over time, we have lost local vegetable growers to the large contract growing operations that supply our supermarkets. Growing vegetables locally ensures freshness and gives you the ability to find out just how your food is grown.

One option that is very popular in the northern hemisphere is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). This is a model of farming in which farmers sell a portion of their harvest as shares to CSA members in the local community. Each farm adapts the model to suit the needs of its community.

The CSA is generally run on a seasonal basis. Each week, members receive a portion of what is ready to harvest - a purely seasonal approach to eating. The CSA tries to provide a wide range of seasonal produce in order to ensure variety and occasionally introduce members to different vegetables than those they might find in the local supermarket.

As a CSA member, you share both the bounty and the risk of the farming season. In a good season, you will receive more vegetables, but, in a challenging year, you may receive fewer.

Membership is an investment in the local community. It enables us to grow the vegetables you will enjoy eating over the summer months. Being part of the CSA allows you to see the weekly changes in the farm and the breadth of skills and the huge amount of work that goes into producing delicious healthful vegetables for your table. As a member,
there are also opportunities to visit or volunteer on the farm to learn how to grow, nurture, and harvest vegetables.

At Puramahoi Fields CSA, we are testing the concept of a small scale CSA within our local community.  We hope that, from this small start, we can provide you with high quality, healthful food, increase awareness of the importance of knowing the source of your food, and encourage the development of other CSAs across New Zealand.


CSA = Community Supported Agriculture

A CSA is a model of farming in which farmers sell a portion of their harvest as shares to the local community. It is a model that has been developed and widely adopted throughout the world, with each farm adapting the model to the needs of local community. Each week, subscribers to the CSA receive a selection of vegetables that are ready for harvest. Members share the bounty and the risk of the farming season. In a good season, you will receive more vegetables, but, in a challenging year, you may receive fewer. Membership helps pay for seeds, equipment, labour, and supplies. In return, we provide, to the best of our ability, a supply of fresh seasonal vegetables.

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Why become a member of a CSA?

- to eat fresh, organically grown vegetables
- to discover different vegetables and ways to cook them
- to know where your vegetables are grown
- to build a relationship with the farmer
- to support a local farmer
- to get to know like-minded people in your community

How does it work?

Once a week you will collect your share of vegetables. Part of the share will already be harvested and the remaining part will be 'pick-your-own' (basil, beans, tomatoes, etc.). There will also be opportunities throughout the season to volunteer on the farm. Each week we will provide a newsletter with weekly harvest, recipes and farm updates.

How long is the season?

Depending on the weather, the CSA begins in the middle of November and continues for five and half months.

What will I get each week?

Each week’s pick-up will be a range of seasonal vegetables. We will aim to have a selection of 8-12 organically grown vegetables in each pick-up. 

Where do I pick up?
The pick up location will be Puramahoi Fields on a Friday afternoon.

How much will it cost?

Members pay at the beginning of the season for a share of the vegetable crop. Payment in advance enables us to purchase supplies and equipment and to pay our staff. However, we are able to discuss individual payment options where necessary.

Full Share = $1270.00 (52.00 per week)
Half Share = $720.00 (30.00 per week)

Quarter Share = $380.00 (16.00 per week)

Where is Puramahoi Fields located?

23 Patons Rock Road
Puramahoi, Golden Bay
New Zealand


Ben and Shane both have educational backgrounds in the sciences (biology, ecology, botany) and a keen interest in growing food.

Started the second CSA in New Zealand when in Auckland, near Bethells Beach, called Seven Springs Farm which ran or three years.  Here they experimented growing a wide range of vegetables to see what worked, what didn’t and what people like to eat.

They relocated to Golden Bay in 2014.  On arriving in the bay they got to work setting up a new CSA from scratch, Puramahoi Fields is now in it’s fifth season.  They continue to refine growing methodologies and varieties of vegetables that meet the needs of the local community.  In addition to the vegetables they have a flock of chickens that dutifully lay eggs whilst being treated to the paddock that the cows were just in. The property also has over 3 hectares of fenced off riparian and wetland areas that are slowly being planed up with appropriate nurse tree species and native species, providing habitat and food sources for an array of birds and insects.


Puramahoi Fields is looking for an intern for the upcoming 2019/20 season.  Come and live in lovely Golden Bay and learn about market gardening and community supported agriculture.   Ideal candidates will have previous organic farming experience and/or have taken an organic farming course.  This is an unique experience to learn how a CSA works as we are only one of two in NZ.  Prefer someone who is able to be apart of our team for the whole season so they can get the full experience and knowledge. 

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